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Together we have established new scholarships, 鼓舞人心的年轻人, innovated new technologies and strengthened research outcomes.

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Learning and teaching are at the very centre of our purpose.

When top students from across Australia, Asia and beyond come to Macquarie, they find a university that simultaneously supports and challenges them; fulfils their aspirations yet opens them to new areas of accomplishment.

Macquarie invests in its people, research facilities and infrastructure to ensure world-class research outcomes that will have a world-changing impact.

We lead the field in forging industry research partnerships, which champion the outcomes and impact of our work as well as increasing the University’s recognition and international presence.

The time our students spend at Macquarie has an extraordinary impact on their careers and the rest of their lives. We seek to provide the best possible environment for their academic achievement and personal growth.

We enrol the most promising students, regardless of their socio-economic status, while balancing the diversity of our international students.

And instead of simply preparing them to enter the ‘real world,’ we bring that world to them every day, 在校内和校外, with a wide range of arts organisations, 企业孵化器, community groups and other partners.